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Amul, Taste of India

The concept of Amul Utterly Delicious Parlour comes through our Circle of Excellence drive. The idea is to open Amul Parlours is recognized and esteemed organizations and institutions and thereby ensure that all our patrons benefit from the goodness of Amul, the Taste of India. The Outlets are registered Amul APO's where among other products we retail Amul Products and all recipes and items that has atleast one ingredient of Amul in it, be it Butter, Cheese, Milk, Icecream, Paneer, Chocolate etc.

These kiosks are extremely famous among our patrons because of our exotic assemblies in Ice-Cream Sundaes, Mastanis, Thickshakes, Parathas, Pizzas, Grilled Sandwiches and Chocolate based Recipes.



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