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Freshizaa (Organic and Natural Products)

  • Freshizaa is a brand owned by Amul Parlours. Freshizaa Outlets inside companies bring to the table more than 500 recipes of Nutritious Food.
  • Food Processing without using Artificial Colours, Flavours, Preservatives & Stabilisers, yet maintaining the nutritious value and taste.
  • Baking Skills to produce Whole Wheat & Trans-Fat Free Bakery Products.
  • Research & Development for continuous innovation.

Products include a Range of Fresh Fruit, Vegetable and Sprout Salads with delightful toppings, Juices, Milkshakes and Brown Bread Sandwiches. The company, through its tie ups with Farmers, continually strives to bring organic fruits and Vegetables and other organic products to the Table.



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